Collaborative learning in Nepal

A Course in Nepal on Plant Genetic Resources and Resilient Seed Systems for Sustainable Food Security

Government of Netherlands Seed Sector Development Brochure

The Government of the Netherlands, a global leader in seed sector development shares this brochure, highlighting activities, experiences and achievements in their efforts to strengthen global food security. 

ISSD Guiding Principles

In working with the ISSD approach, we recognize a number of guiding principles

ISSD Approach

ISSD recognizes the relevance of formal and informal systems and aims to balance public and private sector involvement

Integrated Seed Sector Development

ISSD aims to strengthen different seed systems in a country; supporting the development of a vibrant, pluralistic, and market-oriented seed sector. By cultivating an enabling environment for innovation and the coexistence of different seed systems, a wider range of farmers and seed entrepreneurs will benefit. An increased access to quality seed will support food and nutrition security and economic development.