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High Level Round-Table Meeting on Plant Variety Protection in Africa 27 – 28th November 2014

The purpose of this meeting was to give key stakeholders the opportunity to explore the issues and uncertainties surrounding PVP in Africa, learn from each other and share views in an informal setting.

One of the four themes of the ISSD Africa Project aims to explore how governments of African countries can implement their international commitments in ways that foster a viable and pluralistic seed sector. Plant variety rights are generally considered an important instrument for incentivising breeding in the formal and above all the commercial seed systems.

Many African countries are currently establishing or updating their Plant Variety Protection (PVP) systems, either individually or through the regional organisations of which they are part. However this has not been without social debate because of concerns about the impact on informal or farmer-managed seed systems, which still is the predominant source of seed for smallholder farmers in Africa. 

It was in this context that this meeting was convened under the auspices of the ISSD Africa Program as part of its aim to exchange views and foster mutual understanding and learning on the various issues surrounding PVP in Africa.

Continuing financial and technical support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs contributed to a very productive event and is received with gratitude.