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ISSD Africa: Mali National Seminar

The national seminar of Mali, commissioned by ISSD Africa has been organized in Bamako, on March 2, 2016 at the Mandé Hotel.  Twenty-eight participants representing seed producers, seed companies, breeders, farmer organizations and donors attended the workshop.

Attendees take the time for a group photo

This workshop was part of a series of seminars that have been organized in 10 African countries by ISSD Africa Program where action-learning projects have been implemented. One of the main objectives of these events was to present findings of the action learning projects across the continent to key seed sector stakeholders and policy makers and to see how these findings can be integrated in national agendas.

During the one day seminar, an overview of the main findings and lessons from different action learning projects across the African continent on both “Promoting Seed Entrepreneurship” (Theme 1) and Access to varieties in the public domain (Theme 2) was presented. To better inform the various participants in the discussions several presentations were made.

The first session related to the present Mali situation, was presented by ISSD Africa Mali Country Focal Point Dr. Samba Traore. For the second presentation, an overview of the main findings and lessons from different action learning projects across the continent on Promoting Seed Entrepreneurship was given by Dr. Oumar Niangaado, member of Thematic Working Group 1.

The third presentation was related to a case study on "How to provide seed entrepreneurs in different seed systems with access to finance?" The case described was of FASOKABA, a seed enterprise in Mali by Dr. Adolphe KADEOUA, an Action Learning Project Coordinator in Burkina Faso.

The fourth presentation dealt with an overview of the main findings and lessons from different action learning projects across the continent on Access to varieties in the public domain by Dr Sokona DAGNOKO, an Action Learning Project Coordinator. The last presentation made by the same speaker was related to “Access to foundation seeds in the public domain” a case study conducted in Mali.

At the end of the different presentations, the following questions were discussed by participants in working groups:

  1. How to improve seed quality control mechanism in different seed systems?
  2. How to facilitate access to funding for seed enterprises?
  3. How to make entrepreneurship in seed production of crops with currently low profit margins?
  4. What are the novel mechanisms for getting information out on varieties early and at scale for farmers and multipliers?
  5. What are the innovative models of getting foundation seed of public varieties to seed producers?
  6. How user agreements can improve access to new varieties to farmers and to private sector and other seed producers?
  7. Which seed system to promote for improved performance of the seed sector in Mali?
  8. How to manage the “Intermediary seed system”? 

The results of these discussions were synthesized to identify key points of attention for Mali for next phase of ISSD Africa 

Sokona Dagnoko, Samba Traore and Oumar Ningado

You can read the report of this seminar on the right of this page.