ISSD Technical note 2 - Seed Systems Analysis

This ISSD Technical Note is the second in a series of 5 such Notes. It discusses the rationale and steps to complete successful and relevant seed systems' analysis. 

ISSD Technical note 3 -Seed value chain analysis

This ISSD Technical Note is the third in a series of 5 such Notes. It introduces and explains seed value chaing analysis as well as providing a useful tool to assist such analyses. 

ISSD Technical note 1 - Promoting Integrated Seed Sector Development

This ISSD Technical Note is the first in a series of 5 such Notes. It discusses the rationale and steps toward the forumulation of a national integrated seed sector. 

A Differentiated Approach to Plant Variety Protection in Africa

Authors: Bram De Jonge & Peter Munyi 

Several African countries and regional organisations are investing in the establishment of a plant variety protection system modelled on the UPOV 1991 Convention, which currently provides the strongest, international standard for plant variety protection.

High Level Round-Table Meeting on Plant Variety Protection in Africa 27 – 28th November 2014

The purpose of this meeting was to give key stakeholders the opportunity to explore the issues and uncertainties surrounding PVP in Africa, learn from each other and share views in an informal setting.

General Introduction to Integrated Seed Sector Development

Integrated Seed Sector Development strives for the development of vibrant, market-oriented and pluralistic seed sectors for enhancing farmers’ access to quality seed of superior varieties, thereby contributing to food security and economic development.

Outline of the Piloting Phase for a Comprehensive Program on Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa 2014-2016

The Piloting phase of ISSD Africa works on the establishment of an African-embedded structure and network of experts, seed programs and associated organizations in the public and private sectors. The aim is to work on complex challenges that are of strategic importance to the development of a market-oriented, pluralistic, vibrant and dynamic seed sector in Africa.

Local Seed Businesses in Uganda: A Market-oriented Approach towards Community Seed Production

The paper details local seed businesses (LSBs) in Uganda and their effort to create a vibrant, pluralistic, and market oriented seed sector in Uganda.

Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia: Local Seed Business Development as an Entrepreneurial Model for Community Based Seed Production in Ethiopia

This paper aims to share the opportunities and challenges to LSB development in Ethiopia and realizing the demands of farmers within a specific market niche where socio-economic and institutional factors responsible for opportunities and challenges are discussed.

Presentation: Preliminary Results ISSD Mozambique

This presentation from February 2014 outlines the opportunities and challenges of the developing seed sector in Mozambique.