Can Cultivars from Participatory Plant Breeding Improve Seed Provision to Small-scale Farmers?

This paper discusses how well-adapted cultivars developed through participatory plant breeding (PPB) initiatives create new opportunities for production and distribution of quality seed.

ISSD in Africa: A Basis for Seed Policy and Law

This paper complements  the paper ISSD in Africa A Conceptual Framework for Creating Coherence between Practices, Programmes, and Policies.  

Seed Provision and Agricultural Development

This book examines seed management in traditional farming systems, reviews the history of formal plant breeding and the origins of seed trade, and examines the roles of the public and private sectors in the contemporary seed systems of industrialized and developing countries.

New Seeds and Old Laws

This book argues that the development and diversification of national seed systems, which is currently taking place, requires a thorough re-examination of public regulatory responsibilities. 

Towards Effective and Sustainable Seed Relief Activities

This report contains the results of a workshop, on effective and sustainable seed relief activities.

Quality Declared Seed System

The following details the decisions made by the FAO on Quality Declared Seed. 

Farmers' Seed and Varieties: Supporting Informal Seed Supply in Ethiopia

This book addresses strategies and approaches through which professionals can support informal seed supply.

Community Biodiversity Management: Promoting Resilience and the Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources

This book is the first to set out a clear overview of community biodiversity management (CBM) as a methodology for meeting socio-environmental changes.