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Thematic Working Group 1 - Promoting Entrepreneurship in Seed Value chain

For guiding future interventions in the seed sector, what lessons can be learned from the diversity of existing seed programs in Africa supporting entrepreneurship in seed value chains? A focus on entrepreneurship and market-orientation highlights the importance of farmers as seed users and drivers of the seed value chain, recognizing their requirements in relation to quantities and qualities of seed demanded and varieties preferred. It requires seed entrepreneurship to respond to this demand, by farmers, agro-dealers, service providers and others in the seed value chain. Entrepreneurship and market-orientation are important incentives for sustainable development.

Action Learning Questions:

  1. What are effective alternative quality control mechanisms for different crops in different seed systems?
  2. How to provide seed entrepreneurs in different seed systems with access to credit with favourable conditions?
  3. How to make entrepreneurship in seed production of crops with currently low profit margins on seed profitable?

Members of Thematic Working Group 1


  • Peter Gildemacher, KIT


  • David Ndung’u, CIMMYT


  • Justin Rakotoarisoana, AFSTA  
  • Issoufou Kapran, AGRA  

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Sam Kugbei, Independent
  • Karin Lion, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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